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Build your own practice.

Be your own boss.

Endless flexibility.

Keep 100% of your income.

Deliver a personalized patient experience.

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MediSeen's easy-to-use software enables you to manage your mobile practice and see patients, anywhere. Find out if MediSeen's software is right for you by taking our free assessment quiz right now.

Whether you create a full or part-time practice, MediSeen is committed to empowering you grow a profitable mobile care business. Providers that offer patients with better access to their care, through home and office visits, boost their income, provide more personalized and effective care, and have higher job satisfaction.

  • Choose the days and hours you're available 
  • Customize your preferred travel area 
  • Set your own rates 
  • Approve or decline patient requests

We’ve Got Your Back - So You Can Have Theirs

MediSeen provides you with the back office business tools you need to ensure your mobile practice runs smoothly. Our members look to MediSeen to create, manage and grow their practice. Our software provides you:

  • Easy schedule management 
  • Secure patient calls and messaging 
  • HIPAA/PHIPA compliant patient health record management 
  • Automated billing & payments 
  • Patient care support 
  • Technical support

Mobile Care Software. 

Build Your Own Practice with MediSeen and Keep 100% of Your Income


MediSeen is on a mission to revive the house call by enabling healthcare providers to deliver care in their community. This is achieved via our secure, cloud-based digital platform, which enables patients to easily access quality health care at their home or office.

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You're In Full Control

Grow Your Business

MediSeen is committed to helping you grow your mobile care practice. We provide you with the ability to manage your booking online, offering faster scheduling and payment options as well as more visibility to new patients and financial reporting. We ensure your business runs smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best - providing quality patient care. 

  • Your professional e-booking page 
  • Highlight your services, education, experience and languages spoken 
  • Add your unique specialties and rates 
  • Streamline scheduling and payments with your current patients while generating new ones 
  • Join our marketing training programs and build your brand awareness, engagement and bookings


Join us as we revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Learn What MediSeen Partners Have To Say

"My experience with MediSeen so far has been spectacular. The team is passionate and professional. The onboarding process and seamless. I have had some great patient visits and developed some lifelong patient relationships as a result." 

~ Dr. Ryan Albert, CD

"I can you in your home...and I can see clearly what's going on with your life, and then I can give you better and practical advice. I think a home visit is a really good thing to do as a dietitian." 

~ Soon Im, RD

"MediSeen makes my business much easier because it allows me to travel to people's homes. They have a superb app that connects a lot of people, and it's also good that they can book online." 

~ Adrian Becic, Personal Trainer

"I became a health care practitioner to help people achieve a healthy and functional lifestyle. To shorten the gap between busy and physically challenged patients and the therapist. They provide a patient load within my range that I can service and provide an effective and safe treatment in their comfort space. Prior to working with MediSeen I was doing about 8-12 house visit per week. If you have further questions, let me know."

Steve Smith, Chiropodist

"I was drawn to MediSeen because I have a little bit of a background working in client’s homes. I found that when someone is in a comfortable environment, like their home, they are much more open and honest and not worrying about their location, rather focusing on the issues that they want to work through."

Risa Reisman, Social Worker 

"The difference with being able to go to my patients’ homes is that now there’s that added layer of opening up their pantry, opening up their refrigerator and saying, ‘Hey, this is great, this is good, let's change that,’ and it’s much more effective. That's one of the unique things, at least that stem from weight management and healthy eating, that comes through from a home visit with MediSeen."

Dr. Rob Ayoup, Naturopath

"I was attracted to MediSeen because I believe in its philosophy of making it easier for patients to access services in the comfort of their home without having to deal with waiting to get an appointment. They don’t have to sit for hours in a doctor's office or deal with travel and parking costs...As most of my time is now spent teaching, the ability to set my own hours and fees for clinical work is very appealing, as is the additional time I can spend with each patient." 

Dr. Martin Gurvey, Chiropractor 

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The Future of Patient Care

MediSeen is a secure, cloud-based mobile care software platform for health and wellness professionals who want the benefits of operating their own practice. Achieve freedom, flexibility and increased income potential. Simply create your schedule, choose your travel area, define your rates - and get started seeing patients! Are you ready?


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